2023-2026 West Tamar Youth Strategy

Future Shapers - Game Changers

West Tamar Council values its young people.

Because of this, Council is determined to ensure that young people are supported and connected to the community, whilst having a sense of drive and ambition for their future. Through the West Tamar Youth Advisory Council (YAC) and Council’s Youth Services Team, Council is committed to the ongoing provision of youth services that seek to improve youth health and well-being outcomes.
The sixth West Tamar Youth Strategy (2023-2026) has been developed to provide an innovative, 'out of the box' and engaging strategic framework to serve the young people of the West Tamar, supporting Council’s vision 'to create an inclusive community where people want to live, work and invest.'

563 young people were consulted throughout the review process to determine the heartbeat of a young person in the region. The consultation provided Council with a fresh understanding of the issues confronting our young people, including: mental health, cost of living, bullying, transport and an opportunity to discover their future in the West Tamar. It has also highlighted constructive advice, ideas and suggestions from young people on how to improve current services provided to young people.

The strategy proposed here outlines 5 key goals that highlight young people to be formidable, mentally wealthy, green minded, to advocate for fun, affordability and creativity, whilst continuing the services that Council currently provides.

2023 2026 Youth Strategy