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Here at the West Tamar Council, we support young people residing in our municipality that have been selected to participate or compete in an event of local, national or international significance.
Before confirmation of our support, we require you to submit a request form and also the confirmation letter from the sporting/representative association of your placement in the team/competition. A copy of the letter you received would be suitable as long as the letter states your name and address on the letter.

The minimum criteria that will apply to any consideration of a donation is as follows:

  • Must be an amateur event.
  • Participants are only able to receive sponsorship once per financial year.
  • Participants will only receive one donation, even if selected for multiple events.
  • The applicant must reside within the West Tamar Municipal Area.
  • The applicant must be required by their organisation to meet a substantial amount of the expense.
  • The sponsorship from outside organisations the individual will receive
  • That council sponsorship funds are available

The amount of the maximum donation to apply is as follows:

  • To participate locally - $50/individual
  • To participate nationally - $100/individual
  • To participate outside Australia - $200/individual
  • Representative groups/schools - $500 per group

Successful recipients will also be automatically nominated for the Young Citizen/Young Sportsperson of the Year award held during the annual Australia Day Presentations.