Meet The Team

West Tamar Council's Youth Services Team

Council employs a full-time Youth Development Officer, Casual Youth Assistant and Part Time Beaconsfield Youth Worker who works along side young people on various issues, projects, activities, holiday programs, youth centres and youth committees. For information about the amazing West Tamar Youth Advisory Council (YAC), head over to their page.

Andy Beeston

Role: Youth Development Officer

Best part of the job: Being able to come up with a creative solution with the team to a youth need in the community

Passion: Always back the underdog, 2016 Western Bulldogs premiers YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unique talent: Being able to read a map and actually know where to go, maybe I should have been a navigator…

Sharni Rawlinson

Role: Youth Worker - Beaconsfield

Best part of the job: Supporting young people through the challenges of adolescence and celebrating their achievements. Making a different in the community!

Passion: Encouraging self-love and helping others

Unique talent: The ability to have 100 different conversations in one! (Okay, I’m easily side-tracked haha!)

Kim Reynolds

Role: Youth Assistant

Best Part of the Job: Getting to work with young people and helping them achieve their goals. Working with an amazing team also helps achieve this.

Passion: Sharing my creative knowledge with young people and developing art-based projects for youth.

Unique Talent: Writing comedic songs and jingles on the spot.

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