Meet The Team

West Tamar Council's Youth Services Team

West Tamar Council employs a full-time Youth Development Officer, Casual Youth Assistant and Part Time Beaconsfield Youth Worker who works along side young people on various issues, projects, holiday programs, youth centres and youth committees. For info about the amazing West Tamar Youth Advisory Council (YAC West Tamar), head over to their page.

Andy Beeston
youth development

best part of the job coming up with creative solutions with the team to address needs in the community. Usually that happens when YAC are at the centre of it all.

passion I always back the underdog - aka Western Bulldogs 2016 premiers or the Tasmania Jack Jumpers!!! MARCH MARCH MARCH

unique talent being able to read a map and actually know where to go, maybe I should have been a navigator...

Kim Reynolds
beacy youth worker

best part of the job getting to work with young people, helping them achieve their goals, and working with an amazing team

passion Sharing my creative knowledge with young people and developing art-based projects for youth

unique talent the ability to write comedic songs and jingles on the spot!

Ally Hyde

youth assistant

best part of the job making kids laugh, and seeing their smiles. I feel privileged that they think I am cool enough to hang out with them. The YAC crew inspires me to be my best and most authentic self. They are a very talented group of young people

passion is to travel. I am chomping at the bit to go on my next overseas adventure! I also love hanging out with my family and friends.

unique talent I can make fart sounds with my hands, which can be handy to fill those awkward silence!