Exploring Gravity

a collaboration of what it means to be a young person in Beaconsfield.

12 August 2021

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A collaboration of multimedia works by young people in the West Tamar. Exploring Gravity is a book collaborated by young people, consisting of films, stories and artwork, giving their own perspective on issues and opportunities facing young people living in the West Tamar.

The project involves young people from Beaconsfield youth groups and the Free2B Girls group. It is a book compilation with a USB media component, which can be distributed throughout schools, youth events and forums, as well as film festivals, both local and further abroad.

It is designed by the youth consisting of films, stories and artwork and gives their perspective through many different mediums on many issues facing young people like grief, loss, identity, bullying and success; it may be a poem, short story, painting, film, etc. They can share stories about what keeps them grounded, what weighs them down and what inspires them.

The project will give freedom to express how young people feel, exploring personal growth and development whilst helping with their own mental health and wellbeing.

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