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exploring gravity

The Irene Phelps Youth Art Competition and Exhibition

05 July 2022

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What is the The Irene Phelps Youth Art Competition and Exhibition?

The Irene Phelps Art Competition and Exhibition is for youth aged 10 to 25 interested in revealing their artistic talents through photography, drawing and painting.
The contest is designed to encourage competitors to explore and share their mental health and wellbeing stories through the theme Exploring Gravity; what weighs them down, what keeps them grounded, and what inspires them.
Hosted by the West Tamar Council with support from YAC West Tamar, Beaconsfield Men's Shed and West Tamar Rotary, we invite local young people to get their creative on, enter their artwork and explore gravity!
Are you eligible to enter?

Participants in the Open Section must live in the regions with area codes 7270, 7275 and 7276, and must be between 16 and 25 years of age.

Students entering must attend Beaconsfield Primary, Exeter Primary, or Exeter High Schools.

Participants from the primary schools must be in grade 5 or 6.

Participants from the high school can be grade 7 through to grade 10.

Open age group is 16 through to 25 years of age.

Terms and Conditions

Competition Guidelines

When is it happening?

Official Opening - Friday 25th November

Public Exhibition - Saturday 26th November

Venue - Beaconsfield Community Centre

Each Category will have a 1st-3rd prize, a Mayor’s award on behalf of Irene Phelps and a People’s Choice award. There will be an external panel of judges who will select the winning entries based off a pre-determined points system.

Voting for the People’s Choice Award will be conducted at the event on Saturday 26 November 2022 between 10am and 4pm.

Irene Phelps Art Competition Poster

Supported by the Irene Phelps Charitable Trust

This competition is supported by the Irene Phelps Charitable Trust. Through the partnership with the Trust since 2015, the West Tamar Council delivers and supports a range of youth-focused initiatives in the Beaconsfield area, including: school holiday activities, The Beaconsfield Youth Centre, schools programs, Free2B Girls, Driver Mentoring, Youth events and more.

The Irene Phelps Charitable Trust is committed to investing into the lives of young people living in Beaconsfield and the surrounding area.

For further information about the art competition and exhibition event, please contact Kim Reynolds, West Tamar Council's Youth Development Officer at Beaconsfield on 63836358 or email kim.reynolds@wtc.tas.gov.au

Submit Your ENTRY DETAILS Now!

Irene Phelps Youth Art Competition and Exhibition - Exploring Gravity
Please note: Entrants’ artwork must be delivered between 25 July 2022 and 11 November 2022, between the hours of 9am and 5pm.
If you are 16 years of at Exeter High School and wish to enter both the high school and OPEN category, you need to complete two separate forms.
For further information, please contact kim.reynolds@wtc.tas.gov.au