Lead, Inspire, Grow Leadership Camp report

Camp Leader Bel provides a brief report of the 3 day camp.

20 January 2021

News from YAC


You may, or may not have heard of LIG, a leadership camp for the young people of the West Tamar to learn how to Lead, Inspire and Grow. The camp provides opportunities to face a fear of heights, to learn the importance of verbal AND non-verbal communication, hear other people’s stories of leadership and growth, and adapting to face some surprising challenges.

One of the challenges, being our version of the Amazing Race, was where teams had to adjust and utilise different members strengths to overcome tasks in various situations. As the challenge progressed, we saw the teams experience moments of tension, laughter and ultimately triumph all round. This provided the indirect development of skills for real life obstacles and settings.

Many participants of the camp made and achieved goals they never thought were possible and are now aiming higher than ever! The team of 2021 rose above every challenge giving 100% of their energy and their lungs. Watching this group of next generation leaders was both a privilege and an honour. Watch out, West Tamar!

Bel Turmine - LIG 2021 Camp Leader

Dylan Hesp
Blindfold walk
Green Group
bus ride