Youth Mayor Announcement

Congratulations Chloe White on becoming the first West Tamar Youth Mayor!

01 December 2020

The new West Tamar Youth Mayor Program selects a student from year 7-9 to represent the West Tamar municipality for one year, providing a focus for young people’s views to be heard by Council through promoting the West Tamar Youth Strategy in shaping a positive future for our local young people.

West Tamar Council Mayor, Christina Holmdahl, is pleased to announce our first ever Youth Mayor for 2021 is Chloe White.

Miss White, who will be in year 9 at Exeter High School when she serves her term, is passionate about the West Tamar and encourages other young people to be as well.

“I want young people to engage in our community and be proud of it. I believe that I can assist in this by raising awareness of the activities that the local council provides and help facilitate these activities,” Miss White said.

“I really want to have influence and contribute to the community that I live in, through the people and the environment”.

The 2020-2022 West Tamar Youth Strategy identified the goal of empowering young people with skills and confidence in our municipality. The West Tamar Youth Mayor role will recognise the importance of helping better represent young people in the West Tamar, by speaking on behalf of their needs and opportunities to publicly and effectively work towards empowering local young people.

“We value the opinions of young people in the West Tamar and want them to be able to effectively communicate with us about their views. The Youth Mayor will share the opinions of our young people in a range of ways including; participation in Youth Advisory Council, Community Development Unit and West Tamar Council Meetings, assisting with ANZAC Day, Beaconsfield Youth & Community Festival and Volunteer Week duties, and engaging in public forums,” Mayor Christina Holmdahl said.

“While we have always encouraged West Tamar youth to let us know what they want for our community, the Youth Mayor will focus this by including young people in Council’s decision making process, providing a stronger youth voice in the local community and increasing their understanding of the roles and functions of Local Government”.

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