Youth Mayor


13 September 2023

How do I become the West Tamar Youth Mayor?

Application Process:

  • Applications are required to be submitted prior to the end of term 3. The applications can be found on this website.
  • The top three applications are shortlisted by YAC and sent to the Community Development Unit (CDU).
  • The Mayor along with CDU will choose the successful applicant in October.
  • Training and Orientation between Oct-Dec.
  • Appointment of the Youth Mayor will be announced at Council's December Meeting

Appointment of Youth Mayor:

  • Council will work with the respective school to arrange a formal appointment process of the new Youth Mayor.
  • Youth Mayor leadership pin and Chain of Office will also be arranged!
Why does the West Tamar have a Youth Mayor?


  • The 2023-2026 West Tamar Youth Strategy identifies the goal of developing formidable young people. Goal 1 of the the strategy mentions we will offer our Youth Mayor 4 professional development sessions each year by a professional mentor. We envisage the possibility to train and equip young people on a larger scale through a range of creative and innovative mentors in the field. The role of Youth Mayor is a fantastic way to publicly and effectively work towards the goal of developing formidable young people.

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