Scavenger Hunts

Stuck at home? Why not connect with your friends with online (or actual) scavenger hunts?

Website Scavenger Hunt!

Find the answers to the following questions whilst racing your friends:

What was the biggest issue identified in the 2022 Youth Survey?

What is the name of the third listed service provider?

What date is the first YAC meeting of 2022?

What is the title of the first HOPE Video?

What is the second YAC colour in picture of?

Park Scavenger Hunt!

Find a park in the West Tamar and do the following:

Eat half a watermelon

Run around in circles for 30 seconds

Give someone a "social distancing" high 5

Make a snow angel without the snow

Do a Toyota "Oh What a Feeling" pose

Send through your results for a chance to win a prize!

Want to run your own scavenger hunt?

Check out different apps such as Goosechase, or even just follow Jimmy Kimmel or James Corden in their videos with some of your friends.