Youth Advisory Council and Youth Mayor

Shaping the future

Who are YAC?

The Youth Advisory Council of the West Tamar is a coordinated group that represents local young people with a real and authentic voice, whilst influencing the future of the West Tamar. Their creative strategies to engage the community mean that the group is at the heartbeat of the life of a young person in the West Tamar.

What does YAC do?

Regular meetings

Raising youth related issues

Organising youth events and activities

Facilitate the Lead, Inspire, Grow youth leadership camp

Pitch Your Project for student leaders

Advocate for young people

Engage with the community

Collaborate with the Youth Mayor

Who can join?

Young people aged 12-25 are welcome to enquire about connecting with YAC West Tamar.

You don't need to be an existing student leader or have an established position within the community. If you have energy and commitment to your community or even have some ideas about how Council can make the West Tamar a better place for young people, we want to hear from you.

Young people's opinions are important for the development of our community.

YAC Meetings

All meetings are held at Windsor Community Precinct, Riverside, from 4:00 to 5:15 pm

(Members are welcome to arrive from 3:15pm. A bus is made available to transport YAC members home following the meeting.)

Meetings are chaired and recorded with representation for Council including 3 local Councillors in attendance. Meeting notes are presented to Council each month for review and consideration.

For further information about YAC West Tamar, please contact

Thurs 9th February
Thurs 9th March

Thurs 13th April
Thurs 11th May

Thurs 8th June
Thurs 13th July

Thurs 10th August
Thurs 14th September

Thurs 19th October
Thurs 9th November

Thurs 7th December - 2023 Breakup

YAC 2020
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