West Tamar Youth Mayor Program

Goal 3: Empowering young people with skills and confidence

The West Tamar Youth Mayor Program

is for a year 7-9 student (students in year 6-8 apply for the following year) selected by YAC and the Mayor to represent the West Tamar municipality. They will provide a focus and a channel for young people’s views to be heard by those in Council.

The Youth Mayor can be influential in promoting the West Tamar Youth Strategy as they support shaping a positive future for local young people.

The 2020-2022 West Tamar Youth Strategy identified the goal of empowering young people with skills and confidence in our municipality. The West Tamar Youth Mayor role will recognise the importance of helping better represent young people in the West Tamar, by speaking on behalf of their needs and opportunities to publicly and effectively work towards empowering local young people.

Mayor Christina Holmdahl, announced our first ever Youth Mayor in Chloe White at Council's meeting on Dec 1st 2020.

Chloe, who is in year 9 at Exeter High School during her term as Youth Mayor, is passionate about the West Tamar and encourages other young people to be as well. Throughout 2021, Chloe will assist the Mayor in her duties as well as providing an influential voice to Council on behalf of young people.

2022 West Tamar Youth Mayor applications now open!

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